29. 2. La Cortina


We invite you to first cryptocurrency tango event in Prague! Come and join our crypto Milonga.

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100,00 Kč

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Express yourself through an anonymous tango space created with an amusing mystique unfamiliar setting. We invite all who seek the way to connect through tango, whether a dancer or observer - look beyond the curtains. “La Cortina” creates the areas for you to find your space, and expands the moments of music.

Let the music take you through the night with no expectations. Feel the core of the dance through Dj Alexandra, as the dance and the music energize each other.

Entry: 100 CZK
Don’t worry if you don’t own any cryptocurrency yet. There is an ATM machine in Bitcoin Coffee where you can change cash to crypto right by the entrance.

Full bar will provided by @Bitcoin Coffee. So get ready for some tango drinks and snacks.

Anyone is welcome!

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