19. 2 .Introduction to RadicalxChange


RadicalxChange (RxC) aims to incrementally build a clear, coherent, and sustainable alternative to capitalism that embraces markets, egalitarianism, community, and decentralization. While free markets and liberal democracies delivered unprecedented benefits to humanity, they are also increasingly blamed for growing inequality, secular stagnation and political polarization. Radical Markets propose that thoughtful extension of market mechanisms into new areas can instead lead to greater equality, prosperity, and cooperation.

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These ambitious goals are underpinned by theoretical advances in political economics, mechanism design and game theory. The main ideas are based on questioning core tenets of current systems such as private property and "one person: one vote" elections.

In this meeting, we will introduce the main concepts of Radical Markets: Quadratic Voting, Quadratic Funding and Common Ownership Self-Assessed Tax. We will discuss how these mechanisms can improve social decision making and funding of public goods. We will also highlight the meeting points between RxC, blockchain and open source communities.

Speaker: Róbert Šuhada - is leading a machine learning team in the distributed energy generation sector. He studied Astrophysics at Max Planck Institute for Extraterrestrial Physics in Munich. His main interest are AI safety and policy, and social impact of new technologies (including social technologies such as RxC).

Contact: robert.suhada (at) gmail com