18.12. Ethereum Meetup - Bug-hunting & Cryptography


Come learn about cryptography as used in the Ethereum network and the Ethereum Virtual Machine. We'll discuss why blockchains use elliptic curve cryptography rather than the traditional RSA and compare Ethereum's crypto to Bitcoin's. Finally, we'll have a look at the newest improvements in the EVM that allow for complex crypto setups such as zero-knowledge proofs.

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150,00 Kč

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During our next meetup, two experienced developers Nick (Solidified) and Dominik (Gnosis) will talk about bug hunting and cryptography behind Ethereum.
1) Bug Hunting for Fun & Profit: How to Find Critical Vulnerabilities in Smart Contracts”
presented by Nick Munoz-McDonald, Head of Audits at Solidified (https://solidified.io/)

Too many people think bug bounties are out of their reach, but they're not and the community needs more bug hunters! This talk will be a mix of technical and non-technical content about how to kickstart your smart contract bug bounty career;

2) Cryptography in Ethereum
presented by Dominik Teiml, smart contract dev @ Gnosis (www.gnosis.pm) and can be reached at dominik@gnosis.pm