29.5. Bitcoin meetup - The Future of Decentralized Broadcasting


This meetup will cover new developments in decentralized live video streaming:
Chris Hobcroft (Livepeer.org)
We live in an era where our ability to share information is unprecedented.
The smartphones in our pockets are tools to allow us to share video in near-real-time with anyone else on the planet, at 30 frames per second and some say "a picture says a thousand words".

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150,00 Kč

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But our infrastructure for transmitting data is struggling to keep up to date with consumer trends, innovation and demands.
This talk presents some of the innovation being pioneered by Livepeer, to design and build a new infrastructure protocol for streaming video, based on Ethereum Blockchain.

18:30 - Open mic

18:45 - Networking and beers

Cheers, Danny and Jan

Original meetup page at https://www.meetup.com/Prague-Blockchain-Meetup/events/250450451/