Bitcoin Guide

Bitcoin is the first decentralized virtual currency in existence since 2008. It is a new financial phenomenon outside of control of governments and any other 3rd party. We believe that the impact of Bitcoin existence on our society will be profound.

Here you can find our locally relevant guides in Czech and English language.

How to get bitcoins?

Getting bitcoins using traditional payment methods is already easy thanks to many bitcoin-related web services. Here we recommend some of them, but there might be others more suited for your needs.

Bitcoin ATM

You can buy bitcoins for cash at Bitcoin ATMs all over the world. You can find the nearest one at Bitcoin ATM Map.

Peer to peer exchange

Bitcoins can be bought directly from other people using LocalBitcoins.

Coinmate is a full-fledged bitcoin exchange with EUR/BTC and CZK/BTC markets which lets you buy bitcoin using several payment options including Sofort that allow instant transfers from bank account in Czech Republic.

Step 1: Go to and sign up. You will receive a confirmation e-mail.

Step 2: Confirm the registration by clicking on the link in the email.

Step 3: Go to Verify and enter your phone number. (Confirmation SMS is not always required, it is rarely sent.)

Step 4: On the deposit page select your payment method and deposit money.

Step 5: Go to quick buy and to buy your bitcoins at the current market rate.

How to pay with bitcoins?

In our shop, when you already have bitcoins, finish your checkout by clicking on the Checkout with Bitcoins button. You will be redirected to BitcoinPay payment service that will show you recipent's bitcoin address and the amount of bitcoins due. We recommend to use Mycelium (Android, iOS) mobile bitcoin wallet or you can pay directly from your CoinMate account.

Step 1: Go to, enter your authentication details and click on Login.

Step 2: Click on Account and select Withdrawal, then Bitcoin as withdrawal method.

Step 3: Go back to BitcoinPay and copy bitcoin address and amount, paste it back into CoinMate (use Net amount) and click Withdraw.

Step 4: You will receive an email with a confirmation code. Copy it into CoinMate and click on Confirm to send your bitcoins.

Step 5: Wait until BitcoinPay notices the transaction and then click on Back to merchant  to finish your checkout in the shop.

If your BitcoinPay payment request times out. Just go back to the shop and check out again to create a new request with a new bitcoin address.